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Hey! Guys.

Hi, guys! I am Nisgy.

It is my minor blog for all the youtubers I love :DDD

This blog is mostly about The Creatures.

And I love their friends, so please don't start wars between them and the creatures, also I don't care those copying wars. THEY ARE STUPID.

Also, I make gifs and I take requests ^v^^v^ You can also check them out by clicking Here

~ Trololololololololo <3 ~

the creatures : and their college stereotypes.
aleks & dan edition. 

10 day creature challenge x

day 2: the first creature you watched / uberhaxornova

  • Kevin:  I made my character gay.
  • Kevin:  Do you see that?
  • Kevin:  Exactly 'cause nothing changed.
  •  Scribblenauts.

make me choose: anonymous

aleks in beanies or sly in beanies

why not all of em’?


It’s meant to be a little visual novel screencap kinda thing ;7;  ! ! !
It may have taken an afternoon to finish but this really was so much fun to make// I may do more in the future, I’m not sure yet/////

I’ll be posting the Aleks and James sprites separately as well~ [[which you can find here!]]


RIP in fucking pieces Kevin’s butthole.

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╘[◉﹃◉]╕TURN DOWN FOR WHAT╘[◉﹃◉]╕


Sly, thank you for everything you have done in the hub. We will miss seeing your lovely face and hearing your golden laugh on the hub so much, thank you for 2 and a half years of joy!

I’m happy that by making this decision, you have enabled yourself to become a happier person. Remember to keep a smile on your face on every step of your journey and radiate your joyfulness like you did in the hub. We love you so much Sly, good luck for the future! Homies unite!


I’m blonde 

I’m skinny

I’m rich


and I’m a little bit of a bitch