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Hey! Guys.

Hi, guys! I am Nisgy.

It is my minor blog for all the youtubers I love :DDD

This blog is mostly about The Creatures.

And I love their friends, so please don't start wars between them and the creatures, also I don't care those copying wars. THEY ARE STUPID.

Also, I make gifs and I take requests ^v^^v^ You can also check them out by clicking Here

~ Trololololololololo <3 ~

His asshole must be 10,000° right now!

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– Grown-ups like that sort of thing. – Why? – I don’t know, I’ll ask one.

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Aleksandr Marchant The Third.

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parkour kids living life on the edge; parkour kids, now jump off that ledge 
(a.k.a jordan is a big dumb)

❁ Seamus O’Doherty ❁
Aleks [x]

❁ Seamus O’Doherty 


Aleks [x]

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What does Seamus’ username stand for?

I like how he look at his hand and pretend that there is a watch that numbers his subs

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The Creatures + Kevin with animals.
(If any of this stuff belongs to you, please tell me!)